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06th Jun 2018

Why You Should Not Choose The Biggest Butt Implants?

Introduction If you are considering butt implant surgery, you are certainly considering it to augment your booties. While it is absolutely reasonable for women with smaller or flatter butts to go for butt implant surgery, you should be careful about...

16th May 2018

Should I Take Vitamins Before Plastic Surgery?

Introduction So you are close to your plastic surgery date. You have seen your surgeon once or twice during pre-operative consultations that have allowed you to get a good idea of what you are doing and what to expect after...

07th May 2018

The effects of smoking on healing and recovery after plastic surgery

Introduction We are all aware of the adverse effects of smoking not only on our health, the beauty of the skin, but even the health of people around us that are affected by second-hand smoking. Moreover, it is important for...

30th Apr 2018

What is the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery?

Introduction The number of people undergoing plastic surgery has never been so unprecedented. Over the last ten years, the number of people undergoing plastic surgery in the US has witnessed a huge boost. Women are particularly sensitive about their aesthetic...

23rd Apr 2018

Blood Tests: Mandatory Before Plastic Surgery?

 Introduction Plastic surgery is more and more in demand nowadays. But what some patients fail to understand is that even if it is performed on an elective basis and for cosmetic purposes, plastic surgery is still surgery and entails certain...

16th Apr 2018

10 Things You Need To Buy Before Plastic Surgery

Introduction When considering plastic surgery, many patients forget that no matter how simple the intervention is, its success, as well as a fast recovery period, is greatly dependent on the measures taken by the patient. Certain changes in lifestyle such...

11th Apr 2018

Plastic surgery procedures recommended after weight loss

Introduction Considerable weight loss usually occurs after a conscious decision of the individual to improve his health and life. Plastic surgery often comes as a normal next step after significant weight loss. The individual has gotten rid of the excess...

02nd Apr 2018

Top 5 Myths That Make People Afraid to Undergo Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become more and more popular and in demand over the last few decades, and this is a reality that nobody can deny. Many people undergo cosmetic interventions to improve their appearance or correct certain imperfections. Nowadays, we...