Analyzing the pros and cons of butt implant surgery


When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery, we always say that an informed patient is a ready patient. This is why we always stress on the importance of getting all the details of the surgery and analyzing the pros and cons before scheduling the procedure. 

When it comes to butt implant surgery, there are numerous benefits but also a few turn-offs for some patients. Here are a few pros and cons of butt implant surgery.



The procedure can deliver a spectacular looking butt that can’t be achieved in any other way. The volume of the buttocks can be easily estimated when implants are used, and the results are more durable in time when compared to fat transfer.

The patient can get the buttocks of her dreams in a matter of a few hours, as this is how long the procedure takes. However, it is important to understand that a recovery process will follow and the final results can only be visible up to nine months.

There are just a few risks and complications that can occur after butt implant surgery, and they are common to any other procedure. This means that if the patient has a strong medical indication and no pre-existing health conditions that could make the recovery period more difficult, chances are she will enjoy a fast and smooth recovery period.

Butt implants are safe medical devices made out of high-quality silicone. Butt implants don’t rupture or leak and there is no risk of the silicone migrating inside the body. Moreover, butt implants don’t need to be removed and replaced after a certain period of time like breast implants do. It is important to understand that the results are permanent and it is only a severe complication or the patient’s desire that would determine the need to explant.



Before scheduling butt implant surgery, it is important for patients to understand all the risks and details. Some patients consider scarring a turn off when it comes to plastic surgery. For butt implant surgery, the scars are positioned inside the fold between the buttocks, so they will be barely visible. However, just like after any plastic surgery procedure, there will be scars that are permanent. 

The recovery period can be associated with a certain level of discomfort. This is because patients are advised to avoid sitting on the buttocks or lying on the back for a minimum of three weeks post-op. This recommendation is given to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the buttocks that could cause the incisions to open or the implants to shift inside their pockets and trigger other complications. 


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